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PLKB Patrol

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Product Description

Peter Lynn designed their Patrol board with new and aspiring riders in mind. It’s a true progression board that will take you from your very first water starts through to your very first jumps. Constructed with a well-balanced level of flex the Patrol is sufficiently forgiving to ensure a smooth ride, but importantly is sufficiently durable to withstand the knocks. Carved from paulownia full wood core, it has quadriaxial fibreglass finishing and is reinforced with two carbon strips. The combination of a low rocker and single concave help the board grip the water, speeding it up and helping upwind performance. And the rounded corners make it easy and comfortable to ride even in choppy conditions.

Supplied complete with footpads/straps, fins, and handle

Key Features:

- Durable board carved from paulownia full wood core

- Quadriaxial fibreglass finishing reinforced with two carbon strips

- Flexible tips to absorb shocks and allow for softer landings

- Low rocker to ensure easy speeding

- Single concave for smooth and comfortable riding

- 50mm G10 fins to provide the board incredible grip

- Soft pads and straps that ensure you don't slip out


Learn in all conditions and be stable whilst doing it!

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