Ocean Rodeo Razor 7th Gen White Ocean Rodeo Razor 7th Gen White Abrasion Guard Razor Stats Wheel Razor Stats Bar Speed Inflation Valve Forwards Swept Wing Bridle Storage Tabs Pump Leash Attachement Load Distribution Trim Equalizer Pilot Bar Shift Bar

Ocean Rodeo Razor Gen 7 White

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Product Description

The Ocean Rodeo Razor is a kite for those who love Freestyle and Big Air in High Winds. With a narrow C shaped arc this kite turns with lightning speed and has wingtips designed for mega kite loops. With new, lighter and more durable materials this kite is constructed to last. This really is a kite that will give its rider so much more confidence.

It has a mid-aspect ratio designed to create a carefully calculated balance between lift and lightning fast responsiveness, and that responsiveness is helped by the four-strut frame that is constructed with KPP-E Dacron providing strength, durability and rigidity.

A fixed short line bridle with a floating V design and two pulleys creates both a direct and snappy response, but with low bar pressure. Safety is delivered by way of a single front line flag out system.

Key Features:

  • Techno Force D2 Ripstop
  • Dimension Polyant K-PE
  • Speed inflation system
  • Armortex®Abrasion guard
  • Forward swept wingtip
  • Trim equalizer
  • Load distribution
  • Buck stitching
  • Variable line length
  • Pump leash attachment
  • Bridle storage tabs
  • Easy access port for bladders
  • Self-rescue handles
  • Ocean Rodeo Pump included