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Ocean Rodeo Prodigy Gen 6 Lime

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The Prodigy is a freeride kite that caters for all styles, whether you want to boost high, ride the surf or cruise on a foil, this kite can do it all. With a moderate Arc and 3 struts the Prodigy performs great in light winds, helped by its mid-aspect ratio and ability to turn quickly. 

The ultra-light construction uses a blend of two Dacron’s; the struts being made of KP-E that offers incredible strength, durability and rigidity; while the leading edge is made from Teijin that helps to reduce the overall weight. Ultra-light, non-fraying, and abrasion resistant Kevlar/ nylon blend scuff protection pads deliver a streamlined no snag profile throughout the kite.

The short line bridles are a floating V design with two pulleys that creates a direct and snappy response, with larks’ head loops on the front bridles and knots on the back lines. The safety system is a single front-line flag out ensuring maximum de-power if the trim loop release is activated.

Add in a speed inflation system and the Prodigy gives you a freeride kite that can handle all conditions and doesn’t compromise performance on waves or in light winds.

Ocean Rodeo pump included.