2020 CrazyFly Sculp 2020 CrazyFly Sculp The Do-It-All kite 3 Strut Design Markcloth Fusion Lining Flat Delta Shape Dacron Frame 2020 Sick Bar

2020 CrazyFly Sculp

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Product Description

CrazyFly continue in 2020 with their highly rated and popular Sculp. This has always been their ‘go-to / do-it-all’ kite as it really is such a versatile all-round performer. Whether you’re just starting out on your kitesurfing adventure or are already hooked on this great sport – the Sculp will not disappoint.

The Sculp is an extremely stable kite that delivers predictability, stability and responsive steering. With great hangtime and a powerful lift, it will also easily relaunch when things go wrong. Whether you ride a twin-tip, surfboard, or foil – the Sculp delivers.

This slim and dynamic kite has a fairly high aspect ratio and a flat delta shape. With three struts this kite is renowned for its amazing low-end power.

The 2020 Sculp – One world, One kite.

Key Features:

- Flat Delta Shape – delta for great relaunch and flat with its higher aspect ratio

- 3 Strut Design – reduces weight but with the compact shape still delivers stability

- Dacron Frame - delivers the best strength to weight ratio

- Triplex - the most advanced ripstop material, triple coated for durability

- Markcloth Fusion Lining - strength in all areas where heavy duty meets lightweight material

- Arptex - high tech fabric that handles abuse and is placed in the hardest wearing areas

And don't forget the CrazyFly 3-year warranty - The Sculp is made in Europe at CrazyFly's own factory and they are so confident in the construction, quality and durability that they are offering an industry-leading 3-year warranty - your kites and boards are fully covered for 3 years. But this is no ordinary warranty - it includes crashing your kite or board in water when learning to progress. Check out the the link here for terms and conditions.