2020 CrazyFly Hyper 2020 CrazyFly Hyper Delta Bow Shape 5 Strut Design Dacron Frame Markcloth Fusion Lining 2020 Sick Bar

2020 CrazyFly Hyper

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Product Description

For 2020 CrazyFly continue with their big air, high performance freeride kite. Called the Hyper because this kite is hyped up. This is a serious high performance, high confidence, all power and muscle kite that boosts in a big way. It really does deliver an elevating sensation!

With its five-strut kite frame the Hyper is super strong and rock solid ensuring it always holds its shape. The light to medium bar pressure provides power on demand and helps keep control of this powerful kite. With its high aspect ratio the 2020 Hyper really is a Go Big or go home kite!

Key Features:

- Delta Bow Shape - great depower and massive boosting on demand

- 5 Strut Design - strong, sturdy frame for the canopy that holds the shape

- Dacron Frame - delivers the best strength to weight ratio

- Triplex - the most advanced ripstop material, triple coated for durability

- Markcloth Fusion Lining - strength in all areas where heavy duty meets lightweight material

- Arptex - high tech fabric that handles abuse and is placed in the hardest wearing areas

And don't forget the CrazyFly 3-year warranty - The Hyper is made in Europe at CrazyFly's own factory and they are so confident in the construction, quality and durability that they are offering an industry-leading 3-year warranty - your kites and boards are fully covered for 3 years. But this is no ordinary warranty - it includes crashing your kite or board in water when learning to progress. Check out the the link here for terms and conditions.