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CrazyFly Sick Bar 2020

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Product Description

For 2020 the CrazyFly Sick Bar is a state-of-the-art control system that blends safety, comfort, durability and simplicity. We all want to push kitesurfing to our limit, but that requires a level of confidence in the equipment we use so if things go wrong we remain safe. That’s why CrazyFly have safety as their top priority. The Sick bar has a single front-line flag out system that ensures 100% collapse of the kite in all situations when the safety is triggered. The push away quick release conforms is easily triggered with low force in all conditions and re-loading the system is fast and easy, even in difficult conditions.

The CrazyFly Sick Bar can be used in two safety modes: standard and suicide. The standard safety mode provides 100% safety in all situations and this is the recommended mode. But for the experts out there the suicide mode remains an option! 

Key features include:

  • - Marine SS Smart Cleat - above bar for ease

  • - Polymer Stoperball – under the cleat to unite PU Tube and cleat.

  • - Spinnect untwist leash connector.

  • - Shorter and stiffer bar ends with folding floaters

  • - Premium Leather grip for unmatched comfort and durability.

  • - Under the bar swivel for ease of use after rotations or kite loops

  • - PU tube covered safety and centre line

  • - Full carbon bar for lightness and strength

  • - High quality Liros® Dyneema pre-stretched flying lines