Blade Kites

Blade Kites

We started stocking Blade kites back in 2009 and were impressed with what they were producing back then. It was as good as the most popular brands and for just a little less. But Blade didn't settle there. They wanted to be the best and a few years on they are now rivaling the top names and bettering them in many areas. Using only the very best materials and designing every aspect from the ground up, the latest Blade products have won outstanding reviews from the most respected magazines. So how do we keep prices so good? Firstly, unlike many other brands, Blade don't pay for massive amounts of marketing and advertising in magazines and don't have the expense of large numbers of sponsored riders and their regular international trips. And secondly, as the main importer for Blade kites, Kitesurf Warehouse buy everything from them in bulk and ship directly from the factory to our warehouse - no middlemen means we can bring you guys the very best prices available.
  • Blade Fat Lady 4th gen

    Blade Fat Lady - 4th Gen

    Outstanding Performance

    Suitable For : Light Wind Kite

    Available Sizes : 17m Only

    Price From:

    RRP: £1,199.00

    Our Price: £999.00

  • Tiny Beast Kids Kitesurfing

    Blade Tiny Beast

    Designed Exclusively for Kids

    Available Sizes : 4m / 6m

    Price From:

    RRP: £599.00

    Our Price: £499.00

  • Blade New Guy

    Blade New Guy

    Ram Air Trainer Kite

    Available Colours : One Colour

    One Size : 2.5m

    RRP: £150.00

    Our Price: £129.00

  • Ambitious Beginner Kite Package

    2019 Blade Trigger plus Allround Package

    Our best selling kite & board package

    Suitable for : Beginner to Intermediate

    Available Sizes : 5 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 12 / 14m

    Price From:

    RRP: £1,547.00

    Our Price: £1,459.00

  • Beginners Kitesurfing package

    Blade Skinny Boy 3rd Gen plus Allround Package

    The perfect beginners kite & board package

    Suitable for : Beginners / Intermediates

    Available Sizes : 5 / 6 / 8 / 9 / 12m

    Price From:

    RRP: £1,487.00

    Our Price: £1,379.00

  • Blade UniBar 3rd Generation

    Blade Uni Control Bar V3

    Our Favourite 4 line Bar

    Suitable For : Beginner to Pro

    Size : 52cm

    RRP: £399.00

    Our Price: £349.00

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