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2019 CrazyFly Tango

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Product Description

The 2019 CrazyFly Tango is an outstanding freestyle kite. Designed for good intermediate through to expert riders, the Tango is a kite for unhooked fun, sent powered kite loops, and huge boosts with float. Featuring a modern open C-shape that has short, completely squared wingtips and a short-linked bridle with no pulleys or sliders, it provides an immediate response, a really direct bar feel and enough slack for easier handle passes.

Any kite designed to be ridden this hard has to be constructed to match - here the Tango excels. The three-strut design is built over a heavy-duty Dacron frame that ensures the best strength-to-weight ratio, making the kite more rigid and stable so that it retains its shape whatever move you’re pulling off.

CrazyFly use Triplex, the most advanced ripstop material on the market, which has an amazing strength to weight ratio and a triple coating to protect the fabric from sand, salt, and UV rays. Triple coating but also with three ripstop yarns. And for those areas of the Tango that get the most abuse, CrazyFly use Arptex - a high-tech fabric that can handle that abuse time and time again. In fact, the official number is 100,000 contacts with an abrasive surface before the material starts deteriorating! These materials are then tailored into a canopy that uses less panels without any compromise to the shape. 

And because CrazyFly believe in the durability, quality, and construction of their European-made kites and boards, they are passing these benefits on to you: All 2019 CrazyFly kites and kiteboards, have an industry leading 3-year warranty. Your 2019 Tango is fully covered for three years! Check the CF site for terms and conditions bu this warranty goes beyond regular warranties and includes crashing your kite or board in water when learning to progress. 

The 2019 CrazyFly Tango pushes the limits to deliver a breathtaking performance.