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CrazyFly Sick Bar 2017

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Product Description

The 2017 CrazyFly Sick Bar is s superb blend of simplicity, safety, comfort and durability. Most importantly, the safety system is 100% reliable for activation of the quick release system and works on a single front line flag-out. There are a host of other features which make this one of the leading bars on the market today.  Some of the features we really love include:

  • Sick Click push away safety system easily triggered in any conditions with a low force. Re-engaging the Sick Click is easy in all conditions.

  • Below the bar swivel - means it is easy to reach so you can untwist your lines after those back rolls and other rotational moves. 

  • Leather Grip - a premium leather grip which is comfortable and highly durable.

  • PU Tube - simple and clean is the motto of this bar - the centre and safety line are inside a PU tube for smooth sheeting and movement of the kite.

  • Carbon construction - for the ultimate balance of strength and lightness the bar features a full carbon construction.

  • 100% Made in Europe - no other bars are made totally in Europe. These bars are built in CrazyFly's own factory for 100% European parts.

  • Front-to-back dual grip layer - the extra layer of grip to keep you comfortable for longer.

  • 24m lines - To quality Liros® Dyneema flying lines made in Germany. Pre-stretched and dark grey in colour so you can easily see the lines on any surface.

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