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2018 CrazyFly Cruze

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Product Description

The 2018 Cruze is CrazyFly's dedicated lightwind kite. With a flat delta shape and high aspect ratio, this kite generates enormous amounts of power even in the most marginal of winds. For 2018, CrazyFly have reworked the Cruze in their European workshop with a fine-tuned shape and bridle setup.

The CrazyFly Cruze comes in two sizes: 15m and 17m, and despite these larger sizes the Cruze still has the agility of smaller kites due to its shape and clever construction.  As with all their 2018 kites, the CrazyFly Cruze is manufactured using Triplex, the most advanced ripstop material offering the best strength to weight ratio, with a coating that protects the kite from UV rays, salt, sand and other abrasive surfaces. 

The reworked construction provides greater strength, rigidity and lower weight, and the Strategic Dacron placement and Tailored Canopy design has created a compact kite that has outstanding performance.

No need to sit on the beach - the 2018 Cruze is a lightwind kite that will get you out on the water in the most marginal of winds and still provide truly great performance. 

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Price From: £1,359.00