Ocean Rodeo Smoothy 130 Ocean Rodeo Smoothy 130 Smoothy 133 Smoothy 136 Smoothy 139 Smoothy 142 Smoothy 145 (Note: 130 board is now black/yellow/white) OR Smoothy Construction Bliss Air pad and strap Groove 155 Fins Anhedral Double Concave Ocean Rodeo Smoothy Airtime!

Ocean Rodeo Smoothy

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Product Description

The name says it all - Smooth through the chop for masses of freeride fun - this is the ultimate cool freeride kiteboard! And If you’re looking to progress in your freestyle kiteboarding, then look no further as this board will also work for you. With a deep double concave underside, the Ocean Rodeo Smoothy lives up to its name as it rides through chop with ease and comfort, delivering the carving freeride experience you love, but with the right amount of flex so you can load the rails to generate that explosive pop for those cool freestyle moves.

Ocean Rodeo have thrown two decades of twin tip development experience into this board and they have left nothing to chance.  And it's received fantastic reviews too - check out this KiteWorldMag review - as they say, this board provides "epic powder carves, super easy ride position and comfort". Available in six sizes each featuring a unique colour flavour.

What's included:Your choice of Smoothy board; Bliss Air pads and straps; Groove 155 fins

Key Features:

- Bi-axial fiberglass; Unidirectional fiberglassX Torsion carbon reinforcement;  Paulownia wood core;  ABS insert plates;  Profiled ABS tuck rail;  Anhedral double concave: allows the board to pop for jumps, but landing with comfort; Bliss Air Pads and Straps; Groove 155 Fins.