Ocean Rodeo Kiteboards

Ocean Rodeo Kiteboards

Ocean Rodeo have a reputation for building some of the best kiteboarding and watersports equipment. It has to be the best when they test and use the gear in the harsh climates of the north Pacific. Ocean Rodeo twintip boards and surfboards stand out from the crowd - whether its the long-standing Mako with its unique and hugely respected design - or the bright and brilliant Duke and Jester directional boards - you know you're going to have fun. We are really pleased to be stocking Ocean Rodeo gear and look forward to getting you on the water and having fun, no matter what the conditions. And remember, we can deliver your gear worldwide with our fast shipping options.

  • Ocean Rodeo Mako 135cm

    2018 Ocean Rodeo Mako

    Freeride kitesurfing board

    Suitable for: Beginner - Expert

    Sizes : 135 x 37cm, 140 x 40cm, 150 x 40cm, 165 x 45cm

    RRP: £699.00

    Our Price: £639.00

  • 2018 Ocean Rodeo Duke

    2018 Ocean Rodeo Duke

    Ultimate Allround Kite Surfboard

    Suitable For : Beginner to Pro

    Size: 5' 4" x 18' (165 x 47 cm) / 25.3 litres

    RRP: £869.00

    Our Price: £796.00

  • 2018 Ocean Rodeo Jester

    2018 Ocean Rodeo Jester

    The Ultimate Trickster Directional Surfboard

    Suitable For : Intermediate to Pro

    Size: 5' 1" x 18' (155 x 46 cm) / 17.6 litres

    RRP: £785.00

    Our Price: £699.00

  • Ocean Rodeo Smoothy 130

    Ocean Rodeo Smoothy

    Freeride / Freestyle kitesurfing board

    Suitable for: Beginner - Expert

    Sizes : 130 x 39cm, 133 x 40cm, 136 x 41cm, 139 x 42cm, 142 x 43cm, 145 x 45cm


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