2018 Blade Skinny Boy - 3rd Generation 2018 Blade Skinny Boy - 3rd Generation Ultimate freestyle wave kite Great for foiling Wave kite Blade Skinny Boy 3rd Generation Unibar

Blade Skinny Boy - 3rd Gen

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Product Description

The Skinny Boy is Blade's dedicated wave kite, but it is more than just a top performing wave kite. The Skinny Boy is designed with instant depower, the ability to drift, and super-fast relaunch, all features that work well for kite foiling as well as for beginners who want a kite that is forgiving and easy to handle.  

First of all though, this kite excels in waves and for the 3rd generation, Blade have given it 2 wave settings: the all-round wave for those laid-back sessions for either freeriding, cool wave riding, or hydrofoiling; and the ultimate wave setting which gives even more drift and depower for an inspired pure wave session.

From a technical perspective the 2018 Blade Skinny Boy has a slim leading edge, a solid 3-strut shape and precisely designed bridle.  This is a versatile kite that will have you carving, foiling or just freeriding with a huge smile on your face.

Key features:

Great drift

Enhanced Depower

Lightning-quick turning

Choose your own setting

3 struts

Insta depower

Pivot turn

Max Flow Inflation

Max drift           

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Price From:

RRP: £789.00

Our Price: £749.00