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Blade Fat Lady - 5th Gen

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Blade's Fat Lady has been leading the way for over 8 years in light wind kitesurfing and this 5th edition will continue to do so. We love the fact that while all the power and drive you'd expect from a big kite is there, the Fat Lady just feels so much smaller on the water and can be 'thrown around' with the confidence and knowledge that it will generate great pop, have fantastic hang time, and will allow you to try all those cool moves that you'd normally be trying on smaller kites.

And when you've jumped downwind, or are just out in really low-end winds, then the efficiency of this kite with its 3-strut design and ultra-thin leading edge - not much more than the 12m Blade Trigger! - will power you upwind.

Constructed with moulded leading-edge guards, more insignia tape at the vulnerable areas, a Dacron combination for rigidity where needed, using cross fibre ripstop with an additional coating to increase canopy resistance, and a Max Flow inflation system to ensure quick and easy pumping, this kite really is built to last.

Blade continue to make those little tweaks to this kite year on year that always improve its handling and performance but without changing the fundamental design of the Fat Lady that have rightfully earnt it praise throughout the sport.