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Blade Fat Lady - 4th Gen

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The new Fat Lady is the 4th generation of this hugely popular light wind kite. Blade got the design of this kite right from day one and as a result it received outstanding reviews worldwide and has remained in very high demand. The Fat Lady was always about having fun in even the lightest of winds, rather than just cruising. The design squeezes every last bit of energy out of the wind, ensuring that popping, jumping and nailing those tricks is possible in almost impossibly low wind conditions.

And now Blade have improved on the Fat Lady with the 4th generation of this fantastic light wind kite. After extensive R&D, Blade have tweaked the design just slightly to ensure that the Fat Lady remains the ultimate big kite. The power generated remains the same but the profile of the kite has been adjusted by moving the highest point of the profile backwards, allowing for even better upwind performance and easier jumps.

The most significant change is the use of Cross-Fiber Riptop material from the well-respected Teijin factory; this has two thick weaves to give the fabric even more durability and has a new topcoat to give it a little extra wear proof protection. Finally, the Max Flow inflation system has been introduced, ensuring that pumping the kite is quick and easy, and the rucksack bag has been increased in size - a small thing but great attention to detail by Blade. The leading edge remains the thinnest available on a big kite (almost as thin as the 12m Blade Trigger!), maintaining the reduced drag profile which makes the kite move faster through the air.

For the 4th Gen Fat Lady, Blade have again taken arguably the best light wind kite on the market and improved it to ensure you get a kite you'll love on those light wind days. 

Check out this great magazine review of the latest Fat Lady: The Kite Mag

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RRP: £1,499.00

Our Price: £1,249.00