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2019 PLKB Swell V4 plus Patrol Package

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RRP: £1,769.00

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Product Description

We are really proud to be able to offer to you a PLKB package of kite, bar and board at an absolutely giveaway price – some 37% less than the standard RRP, which is essentially giving you a free board and then some!

Included in this amazing deal is the PLKB:

2019 Swell V4

- 3-strut hybrid/SLE – great stability, drift and relaunch 

- 3-point bridle – huge and progressive depower

- Double stitched leading edge – reinforced leading edge and struts

- Kook proof – colour coded lines and bridles 

- Fit all valve – bayonet system fits all pumps 

- Multiple Wingtip settings – light bar pressure and great feedback 

- Trailing edge reinforcements – perfect protection for schools 

- Triflow – extremely smooth surface and airflow provides stability


2019 Navigator V6 Control Bar

- Kook proof connections - Knots and loops for front and back lines

- PU coated depower line - A tough coating prevents wear 

- Soft bar ends - Helps avoid those painful encounters!

- Swivel - Lines easily untwist after rotations 

- Removable lock-in pin - Unhooked and surf sessions safer

- Colour coated lines - Differentiate the PU coated Dyneema lines

- Safety - Easy to use system with safety leash as standard

- Bar Grip - Nice pre-shaped grip

- Clamcleat - Trim the kite precisely

- Bar size provided appropriate for kite size

2019 Patrol Twin Tip:

- Durable board carved from paulownia full wood core

- Quadriaxial fibreglass finishing reinforced with two carbon strips

- Flexible tips to absorb shocks and allow for softer landings

- Low rocker to ensure easy speeding

- Single concave for smooth and comfortable riding

- 50mm G10 fins to provide the board incredible grip

- Soft pads and straps that ensure you don't slip out

- Supplied complete with footpads/straps, fins, and handle


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Price From:

RRP: £1,769.00

Our Price: £1,109.00