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2019 CrazyFly Bulldozer

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Product Description

The CrazyFly Bulldozer is a freestyle/wakestyle board that is a great choice for riding with wake bindings but is also suited for footstraps. But it is a board that is designed to be ridden hard so is best suited to those who like powerful and aggressive moves – so a board for intermediate to advanced riders.

A deep centre concave ensures added comfort and a smoother feel, and along this centre concave CrazyFly have added two split V channels that provide more grip and improves upwind tracking. Overall, this is the fastest board in the CrazyFly range and triple concave tips help to transfer all that speed into insane pop for jumps and boosts.

Construction wise the 2019 Bulldozer is solid and designed to cope with an aggressive riding style. Reinforced with uni-directional Kevlar throughout the whole length of the board ensures high strength and low weight – this material is used in the military and space industries! Added to this is a Spread Tow Carbon reinforcement in the centre of the board that increases the board dynamics and gives it that extra pop. Aside from the Kevlar and Carbon, the Bulldozer also makes use of Multiaxial Fiber Glass. This combination of materials prevents too much stiffness but ensures huge amounts of Pop.

The Bulldozer is compatible and works great with Hexa and Binary Bindings, as well as wake bindings, and is equipped with brand new 3.0 cm Razor Fins for maximum grip when required. 

The big news for 2019 is CrazyFly's 3-year warranty.

The Bulldozer is made in Europe at CrazyFly's own factory and they are so confident in the construction, quality and durability that they are offering an industry-leading 3-year warranty - your kites and boards are fully covered for 3 years. But this is no ordinary warranty - it includes crashing your kite or board in water when learning to progress. Check out the the link here for terms and conditions. 

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Price From: £478.00