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2018 Crazyfly Sculp plus Bulldozer or Shox Package

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Check out our 2018 CrazyFly package which includes the Sculp, CrazyFly's versatile all-round kite, the Sick Control Bar, and a choice of Board. 

The 2018 Sculp is easy to use and has a fantastic wind range. The latest version remains a versatile all rounder and whether you're new to kitesurfing, an experienced freeride / freestyle rider, or starting out in waves, this kite will cope with it all. It's still that same fantastic performer, now with a slightly higher aspect ratio making the kite slimmer and faster through the air,  The Delta Shape offers smooth, stable and predictable performance, generating great lift and boosting your jumps to the max.  

As with all their kites, the Sculp is made in CrazyFly's own factory in Europe, which means that improvement options are unlimited and quality can be controlled in every aspect of the kite's design and production. Key improvements for 2018 include the introduction of Triplex ripstop material which has increased durability with the triple coating ensuring extra protection against sand, salt and UV rays. 

As well as Triplex riptstop, high performance fabrics include Dacron (for rigidity), Marcloth (for strength), ArpTex (for abrasion resitance), all precisely put together with attention to every small detail. The quality of additional materials like PU bladders, polyester abrasion resistant threads and Dyneema® bridle lines is second to none.

Minimising the number of panels (almost 50% on all CrazyFly kites), makes the whole structure stronger. There is a Swept Leading Edge Seam towards the wingtips, allowing for greater aerodynamic efficiency and a kite that is more precise to control. The new Linked Bridle is made up of interconnected bridle lines free of pulleys and sliders - so no more pulleys to jam or wear out - fantastic! This Bridle results in a very direct link between rider and kite which improves reaction to rider input. This really is the 'DO IT ALL' kite.

This package comes with the choice of two boards; the Bulldozer or Shox.

The 2018 Bulldozer is a wakestyle/freestyle board shaped with a deep centre concave for a smoother ride and extra comfort.  CrazyFly have also introduced extra grip by adding two split V channels along the centre concave, which also inproves upwind tracking. The board has triple concave tips which also helps the rider load the board for popped tricks. The Bulldozer remains the fastest board in the CrazyFly range, so you can transfer all that speed into your huge jumps and massive boosts!

The 2018 Shox is the board to get you flying upwind with ease – a freeride board designed for intermediate to advanced riders, this is the most comfortable board in the 2018 CrazyFly range. It is also the most environmentally friendly kiteboard in the CrazyFly lineup. With help from their supplier, new technologies, and new machinery, CrazyFly are able to produce the Shox edition kiteboard with almost zero waste in production. But the environmental aspects of this board do not detract from its performance on the water. With a full wood core and Step Cap deck technology, giving thinner rails, the board slices through the water providing the best ride and fantastic upwind performance. It does so by taking advantage of the Multi Channel bottom shape and Concave Tips that increase the overall all-round abilities of the board. The construction layup combines Recycled fiberglass and X carbon on the deck for a dynamic feel and optimized pop.

This package comes with the 2018 CF Sick bar, a pump and of course a kite bag and mini repair kit.

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Price From:

RRP: £1,607.00

Our Price: £1,514.00