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2018 CrazyFly Raptor

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We love the CrazyFly Raptor -  it's been the go-to board for our riders for years. We've been lucky enough to ride it at spots all over the world - and the Raptor has always performed brilliantly! Now with eleven years of development, the CrazyFly Raptor 2018 has been fine-tuned to deliver the best performance at all times and in all conditions - so it’s no surprise that this is CrazyFly's best selling board. 

A freeride / freestyle board that has been designed for the intermediate to advanced rider, the Raptor will ensure that all those moves you dream of doing will be nailed. If you want to make sure your kitesurfing continuously improves, then get this board, put in the effort, and you'll be impressing everyone on the beach! The Step Cap deck technology continues to allow for super-thin edges, which combined with the micro channels of the Nano Glide Skin on the underside of the board, give you maximum upwind performance and board tracking. The Skin also has the benefit of being more scratch resistant as well as providing better gliding performance for improved acceleration.

The two separate concave channels running only in the centre of the board provide for a super-comfortable ride and ensure you have the softest of landings. And if looks are important (let's face it no-one wants an ugly board!) then the new matt finish to the upper deck looks classy and highlights the Raptor's premium look.

Add the new Hexa Bindings if you want the ultimate in comfort and great board feel.  We love these bindings and footpads and find them the most comfortable and adjustable we have ever used in all our years of kitesurfing. The board also features insert positions that are compatible with wake bindings so bolt on your boots if that's your style. 



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Price From: £565.00