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2017 Warrior V Len10 Harness

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Product Description

Top rider Ruben Lenten has teamed up with Mystic to produce a range of signature gear reflecting his awesome kitesboarding abilties and unmatched quality on the water. The 2017 Warrior V Len10 harness is packed with features which means it will support you in going big and being as extreme as the pro himself. Based on all the quality features of the Warrior Harness, this is the Len10 version. 

The Mystic brand are going from strength to strength and with the Warrior harness it's easy to see why.  Getting in and out is quick - the Clickerbar 4.0 has been updated so it's super-easy to open and close and has a protective overmould cover to prevent wear and tear on the webbing. The Battle Belt closure maintains maximum comfort and doesn't allow the harness to move around whilst you're on the water. Add to this the moulded foam inside and out, anatomical backplate, and the soft neoprene edges, and you have a harness which is going to make you want to stay on the water for hours! Of course it also has lots of other essential features for a kitesurfing harness, such as a handlepass system, covered side parts, power buckles, and a safety knife tucked within reach just below the hook.

The 2017 Mystic Warrior V Len10 is a top quality harness with performance and looks to match the most extreme rider in the world - Mr Len10.